• There are around 644 million active websites on the Internet in 2017.
    We make sure that it’s not the only number that your
    Web App contributes to.

    The new generation web apps are Smart, Fast, Light and Effective in communicating with the visitor. Anything below that gets filtered out and is never seen by anyone on the internet. Our web app development is future-ready and help Scale Businesses and Startups.

    So what kind of projects are we best at?

    Social network development

    Social Network Development

    We believe social networks are all about enabling people to make new connections in an effortless manner.

    Having said that, the heart of any social network lies in the fact that how engaging it is. So it all boils down to how you facilitate user engagement with cutting-edge real-time technology.

    Today our Social networks operate on a similar technology stack that is used by Facebook. Register yourself on one of them to believe it yourself!




    It’s expected that all the business that operate on “Pipeline models” will have to shift to a “Platform model” of businesses. Doing this makes it a huge opportunity for early adopters.

    We at HestaBit have helped multiple Startups realize their marketplace products. The key here is that how you can technically show results that are relevant to the user to ignite an interaction that can create a network effect. Well, we can talk about it and share what we have learned while working with more than a dozen of marketplaces.


    Booking systems/Vacation rentals

    Booking systems/Vacation rentals

    This is a micro niche of Marketplaces but adds a few more business cases to the equation. We need to handle the availability, escrow, consumer satisfaction to a different level. With custom booking systems, we have been able to create something that is custom for every startup.

    Our focus is always to give a personalized system to the visitor which can help him understand the USP of your product in the snap of a figure.

    Booking systems

    Price comparison portals

    Price comparison portals

    The important thing about Price comparison portals is that the data is generally populated through third-party APIs and XML feeds. The time of development is drastically reduced if the team has already worked on APIs and Feeds that your portal is going to use.

    At HestaBit we have hands-on experience of working on APIs for most of the service providers be it Gocompare, Groupon, Expedia, Redmart, Skyscanner etc.

    Price comparison portals

    Gamified CRMs

    Gamified CRMs

    Want to gamify the user experience and reward them for milestones and keystones?

    Well, we have got you covered! We have created one of the biggest Gamified Marketing CRM out there which is being used by Fortune 500 companies.

    We have created great value which leveraged sales funnels, user acquisition, dynamic case-based user journeys and custom rewards inventory.

    Price comparison portals

    Listing websites

    Listing websites

    So you want to create a listing of nearby businesses for a particular niche?

    Well we have helped dozens of startups with that. Our custom Listing website development services have enabled users to search for relevant listings in their nearby areas effectively. Clubbed with technologies like AWS, Redis, Elastic search and S3 bucket, our listing websites have acquired tens of thousands of users.

    Listing websites

    eCommerce websites

    eCommerce websites

    So you have planned to bring your existing business to the internet? Or maybe you are just planning your startup?

    The key to eCommerce is not just about putting the right product at the right price. If the store doesn’t look credible, the customer will drop out. If the user journey is not smooth enough, the user will abandon the cart. If the payment processor is not done right, you might lose a deal where who shouldn’t have. And, if the user is not able to receive critical information on his purchase, he will call you for the same, where you’ll lose critical business time! When it’s eCommerce, you simply cannot compromise and that’s where we stand by you.

    eCommerce websites

    Business websites

    Business websites

    Your website reflects your business. Like it or not, it positions you in the market. If it looks dull, boring and below standards, well, that’s where it positions you. With HestaBit’s business website development services, we don’t just aim at giving you a web address but to make it an extension of your business’ vision and brand proposition.

    We aim to deliver light weighted, customer engaging, call-to-action oriented lead generating websites.

    Business websites

    Personal portfolios

    Personal portfolios

    We were able to help professionals like name and name to mark their presence in the digital space.

    Our Personal Portfolio Websites are aimed at delivering highly effective marketing funnels that create qualified leads for your business. Our business analysts observe the kind of market you want to position yourself and create a bespoke website that fits your professional needs.

    Personal portfolios

    As a savvy web app development company we use cutting-edge technology like Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Laravel, Redis, AWS, Socket level programming to make real-time and blazing fast web applications.

    Node JS

    As the premier website development company, we build fast, scalable and dynamic web applications using Node.js. It’s an open source server environment. It’s free and runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. It executes JavaScript on Server Side.

    Angular JS

    Over the years, we have provided efficient website development services using Angular.js. It’s an open-source JavaScript framework (client side) which is suited best for Single page Applications (SPAs). It enhances web applications by adding the Model–View–Controller (MVC) capability.


    React is a JavaScript library which is used to build interactive UIs. It provides a flexible, open source, and cross-platform framework to build complex web applications. Our experienced React js developers create business driven applications using this technology.


    Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It creates web applications that follow MVP (Model-view-controller) architecture. It has made coding a lot simpler and developer-friendly. Our Laravel developers use this framework to build custom web applications.

    Amazon Web Services

    With AWS, we can build your website in no time. Website applications like WordPress can be promptly launched. AWS marketplace provides thousands of pre-configured solutions and deployment templates, that can be incorporated instantly to meet your requirements.


    Redis is an open source data structure that provides in-memory data storage. As it stores data in a structured manner, our Redis developers use it for cache management and to speed up a web application. It is much faster than other database techniques like MySQL, Oracle etc.

    We have been ranked as Top Developers on Web Technologies by some of the biggest marketplaces such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork. We have been recognized for our work in FWA, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity etc. See our awards here.

    fwa cannes Lions

    What differentiates us

    Although our technology is top-notch and we have worked with some of the biggest startups out there, it is not the top reason why our clients choose us.

    At times, our clients have a limited budget and time constraint. We have been pioneers in delivering high-value business within those key constraints with meaningful, smart and phased launches.

    We sit with the client, talk about the USP and core features of the project. We set up an Agile program where you don't have to wait for 6 months for the product to go live. We spread it out in chunks. Contact us now to know how we do it.

    The Reason for choosing HestaBit for your next Web Application: The most important factor that differentiates and propels us out of the league is our Smart Agile Workshop.

    We Are Top Ranked.

    We are ranked among the Top 6 Developers for Social Networking websites by Socialengine.

    We are ranked among the Top 10 WordPress Developers by People Per Hour and among the top few percents on Up Work.

    Ranked among the Top Developers on Laravel on Up Work.

    Top 10 Developers on React and Angular.js

    Here are a few Success Stories about why Startups that work with us have millions of downloads, are funded and are so successful.

    So what do you want to achieve with your next web app?

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